St. Louis’ Funniest

So I’m leaving St. Louis this morning and feel the trip was an all around success. I shot four interviews, three of which were shot in the St. Louis Funny Bone. The unique thing about this club, besides its killer layout, was they still allowed smoking! Not that I smoke, but I bet it’s pretty rad to see puffs of smoke as jokes are being slung. Maybe not, anyways I thought it was cool.

Everything went off without a hitch except for a slight hiccup in my last interview with Kenny Kinds where Tiny (our EOS M) stopped recording randomly. It flashed big words about it stopping on the LCD and I was able to press record immediately but still concerning.

With that said, I want to thank Matt Conty, Josh Arnold, Bobby Jaycox, and Kenny Kinds for helping us get started and sharing their intriguing thoughts on several subjects. A lot of this footage will also be used in an upcoming Comedic Views season and I can’t wait to share an episode based around the concept of a Comedy Nemesis because the answers I got here in St. Louis were outstanding.

Here are some low resolution, test grades I did on screen captures from the shoot. Also a bonus pic of the Funny Bone’s front entrance.