Episode 1: Welcome to Jollyville

We’re here!  It’s the first episode of Welcome to Jollyville with Mike MacRae and Ali Kahn!  Listen as we discuss New Orleans cuisine including gumbo and turtle soup, Austin vs. Houston, St. Louis, Menudo (the food, not the band), and Sushi!

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Comedic ‘Views – Jake Flores

Comedic ‘Views (short for interviews) is something Jen and I have wanted to do for a while. When the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival was looking for bloggers, we offered to do some video production for them. The result of which will be at least 13 interview videos / episodes for this mini-web series. We’ll be posting the short docs over the next two weeks leading up to the fest. The first just went live and features Jake Flores, an Austin based comedian who never fails to surprise us with his funny and thoughtful comedy.