For Stand Up Comedy, these are the prices we have established:

0-15 minutes


15-30 minute set


30-60 minute set


If you are performing for Live at Coldtowne on Fridays and Dustin happens to be shooting that night, you are entitled to a free copy of your performance (Ramin already takes care of us).  All of these packages include a single camera shot with the best audio we can capture at each venue (see the FAQ for more information on audio quality).  It will also include a compressed “proof” version of your performance to review for editing options before a final HD or DVD version is provided.  Future copies or alternative versions/formats of your show are negotiable.

We do have multiple cameras and can do different angles and such but given the variance on that sort of production, we would need to negotiate a fee based on your desires.  As a basic rule, if you want two cameras catching your performance the price will likely double.

Although the pricing above is mentioned for Stand Up, this could also apply to any speaking engagements.

Have a question or interested in working with us?  Contact us here.

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