Do you shoot weddings?!

No.  We used to shoot weddings and perhaps you’ve stumbled across this page by way of recommendation off a former client.  We do not even own the proper equipment to shoot a wedding any longer.  Seriously, even if we’re related- WE WILL NOT SHOOT A WEDDING.  For wedding related productions, we recommend White Shoes Productions as they do an outstanding job.

So what do you do?

Shoot standup comedy and lots of it.  If you’ve seen a clip of a comedy performer in Austin, there’s a good chance it was shot by Voltaic Video (bragging).  We even have a slew of short film, sketch, and documentary productions showcasing the amazing talent that lives here in the Austin area.

What formats can you provide me of my performance?

We prefer to distribute via digital means (DropBox, Vimeo, etc) but can also provide DVD or Blu-Ray if needed (at an added cost).

How good is the audio you can capture?

We are able to get very good audio by splitting into a main vocal feed as well as having a separate audio recorder for the audience.

Do you rent or loan your equipment?

A lot of our projects are last minute so our equipment is unavailable for lease.

Can you use my camera/audio equipment to tape my performance?

No, we will not be held liable for equipment other than our own.  If you want to edit the footage yourself we can provide the raw media in any format you desire.

How long do you archive projects?

We utilize a completely digital workflow, meaning all data is recorded to memory cards and then backed up to hard drives and/or Blu-Ray data discs.  We plan to keep all archives indefinitely but cannot guarantee availability of all materials.  In addition, depending on the age of a project there may be a fee associated with any retrieval from our archives.

Are you going to post my projects YouTube?

No, we will never distribute your media without your explicit permission and the copyrights remain with you unless we have directly collaborated on a project.

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